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The Best Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Looking for cool baby shower cake designs and baby shower cake ideas, or some "wow" factor for that party you're hosting? You’ve come to the right place!

I love baby showers. Why? They're chick fests! Generations of women come together to shower the mom-to-be with gifts and attention, and to celebrate the birth of her unborn child. An occasional dad also likes to join in on the fun, but ultimately, it is, and will always be a chick fest.

As an event planner, I’ve been lucky to host and plan many, many baby showers. I’ve even been the guest of honor at them, just a few times. I’ve seen small affairs in someone’s living room, to large Champagne Brunches at the Ritz Carlton. One thing that always rings true, is that cakes for baby showers, cute cupcakes, or baby shower cake recipes are the centerpiece of this festive party. Whether you bake yourself or hire a professional baker, there are endless and fun possibilities for baby shower cake designs and decorations.

baby shower desserts

Choosing a Baby Shower Cake

Before choosing what style of cake you’re interested in, consider the mom-to-be. What is her style? What theme or colors has she chosen for her new baby? What theme have you chosen for the shower? Tie it all together. Cakes for baby showers are traditionally cute, with pastel colors, pictures of babies, baby blocks, ducks, teddy bears, you get the idea. More modern cakes are of mom’s bellies, or even borderline provocative styles. My advice always is, match the style to your mom-to-be. Also remember that you’ll be in close quarters with the mom-to-be’s relatives, who may be older and conservative.

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DIY or Hire a Baker?

Because shower desserts are usually of manageable sizes (feeding an average of 30 people or less), it is totally doable to bake it yourself. To make this super easy, we have shared some great baby shower cake recipes with you. There are also a wide variety of pans on the market in pre-made molds. If you have the time, it’s completely within reach to bake your own baby shower cake. 

baby shower desserts

Baby Shower Cupcakes? 

Even more doable, are baby shower cupcakes or baby shower cookies. If you haven’t checked out any baby themed cupcake wrappers yet, you may be sold on this option when you do. 

lady bug cupcakes

Baby Shower Cookies

They’re absolutely adorable. You probably have several cookie cutters in your cupboard to create a perfect set of cut out cookies with your favorite sugar cookie icing. Serve them for dessert, or send them home as favors, it’s all up to you.

baby shower cookies

Choosing the Baby Shower Cake Recipe

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the type of cake. What is the mom-to-be’s favorite, or what does she dislike? Does she even like cake? What time of year is it? Will the cake be outdoors in the heat? How many people will it need to feed? What is the budget? Looking for red velvet cake recipes? Read more about this in our baby shower cake recipes section.

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes, do I have to?

Ah yes, diaper baby cakes, also made of onesies, washcloths and more. These are not that easy to make. If you’ve done a bunch and you’ve got it down, great. If you’ve never done one and aren’t sure if you want to take it on, just buy one! There are plenty of boutiques that sell beautiful, perfect looking diaper cakes. We feature a few of them on our Diaper Cake Reviews page, or on our Creative Diaper Cakes page, where our readers have submitted their own creations.  If you’re still game, then check out our diaper cake instruction page.

So let’s go plan a chick fest, shall we?  


baby shower cake ideas

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